Onward To Autumn + Adulting

Onward To Autumn + Adulting
Everything you want is on the other side of fear

Creeping up on a quarter century over here, and surprisingly not freaking out as much as I’d previously anticipated! This major upcoming milestone has me doing a bit of thinking, however. Where my early 20’s were spent bumping my head and getting some hard knocks, the gradual transition into my late 20’s has been comprised of putting into practice the lessons imparted to me and asking a lot of self reflective questions about what I want for myself and which way I plan on steering my life.

Finding my place with my work is at the top of my list, because my life wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't for what I do. In terms of content, a good portion of my most recent projects have stemmed from trying to cultivate a creative space outside of my already very creative work environment. A space to explore without boundaries and experiment with different mediums without having to worry about client commentary. Albeit a tiny move, it really made an impact on my happiness and helped satiate a need for the type of fulfillment that I'm not always going to receive when doing commissioned work. 

With that said, I know I can't go at it alone. In regard to community, creating more and over coming insecurities with sharing my work have slowly introduced me to a group of like minded creatives. I can't express how much I thrive off of seeing their work and getting feedback on mine. Though I wouldn't readily be the first to volunteer to go back to art college, I do miss constantly being in environments that are highly saturated with fresh innovative minds (particularly those of the lady variety!). Praise be to Phoebe Lovatt of The Working Womans Club for being ahead of the curve and creating IRL scenarios to meet all your URL friends!

I hope that I allow 25 to be a year where I put myself out there relentlessly. I hope to realize that the dissatisfaction that comes from not trying, due to fear, is infinitely worse than the dissatisfaction that comes from failing a few times at something that brings you so much joy.

[end rant]



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