Post Vacay Blues

Post Vacay Blues

When we travel we live more in the present and are far more likely to be daring and adventurous.  And after coming home from a beautiful vacation, even a city as brimming with life as LA can have the tendency to become a little stale. Traveling has the ability to allow us to take things we're exposed to and develop new ideas or ways of problem solving. Taking that spirited feeling applying it to your everyday instead of waiting for your next trip to is so essential to living in the present and purposefully. 

Tip #1 Go Slow

How engaged are you in your current surroundings? Living in a transient city it's easy to get so caught up in our routines, in daily commutes, so much so that we aren't living in the present.

Tip #2 Unfamiliar Territory

Key to avoiding restlessness when back home is to interact with new environments or to interact with the same ones in a new way. You can change your scenery by doing something as simple as taking a different route home, or exploring a new part of town. Why not patron that restaurant in your neighborhood you've never been to?!

Tip #3 Get Chatty

Surrounding yourself with people who all look and think like you is a recipe for monotony. Try talking to a stranger, make new friends, or try new activities with old friends. Surround yourself with people who excite, inspire and push you to live a more purpose driven life.



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